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Waterfront Property Acquisition – Request for Citizen Input

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Posted on 07/22/2016

Essex County Citizens – The Essex County Board of Supervisors is considering acquiring waterfront property within the Town of Tappahannock (June Parker Marina) to provide a variety of recreational activities including swimming, fishing, and boating to our citizens.  This property will also provide opportunities for education and cultural events.  At this time, the Board is still gathering information on the property.  There are different assessments that must be done before a purchase will be made.  We invite you to contact your Board member to let them know how you feel about this purchase.  The Board Members’ contact information is below:

Greater  Tappahannock
E. Stanley Langford, Jr.
Essex Board Chair
P.O. Box 1651
Tappahannock, VA  22560
Margaret H. Davis
Essex Board Vice-Chair
P.O. Box 129
Center Cross, VA  22437

Sidney N. Johnson
P.O. Box 13
Hustle, VA 22476

John C. Magruder
P.O. Box 764
Tappahannock,  VA, 22560