Essex County Virginia

How assessments are determined and current Land Use values


How assessments are determined and current Land Use values.


Buyers and sellers create value by their actions in the local real estate market. The Commissioner of the Revenue is responsible for reviewing market transactions and the resulting valuation, and comparing data received from Land Use applications to create a "whole picture" of the uses and values in Essex County. From this complete information a fair and equitable assignment of Land Use values can be made.

These values will be updated any year a general reassessment is performed.

The Essex County Commissioner of the Revenue sets the
Land Values to be used in the Land Use Program. 
They are effective January 1, 2017 for approved parcels in the Land Use Program and will be valid until the next general reassessment.

(Conservation & Historic Perpetual Easement do not need to pay to apply for Land Use; they will get the appropriate Agriculture, Horticulture, Forest, and/or Open Space rate per acre.)


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