Essex County Virginia

Bids and RFPs

Essex County Procurement Policies and Procedures
The following list are the statuses of RFPs and Bids that have been submitted or awarded
RFP ID #DescriptionStatus
2018-1Invitation For Bids- Repair of Clock TowerOpen
2017-80200-001RFP Rehab Specialist ServicesOpen
2016-301-01Attachment 2, Addendum 1Contracted
2016-301-01Attachment 1, Addendum 1 2016-301-01Contracted
2016-301-01Addendum 1 RFP Eng Consult Services Radio SystemContracted
2016-301-01Engineering Consulting Services for Essex County Radio SystemContracted
2016-154-01 Add 3Additional ClarificationsContracted
2016-154-01 Add 2Clarifications from pre-bid conferenceContracted
2016-154-01 Add 12016-154-01 Add 1Contracted
2016-154-01 PlansCourthouse Square Plan SetContracted
2016-154-01Courthouse Square DrainageContracted
2016-310-01Marsh Street Pool RepairsContracted
2015-12060-012015 Health Insurance RFP Essex County and SchoolsContracted