Essex County Virginia

Your Opinion Is Important To Us


Please help us in our efforts to provide quality customer service
by taking a few minutes to complete this survey. 
It will help us serve you better.


Strengthening our communities by strengthening our families. 

Essex Social Services Customer Service Survey
1.What was the purpose of your visit?


Did you have an appointment at the time of your visit?

3.If you did not have an appointment at the time of your visit how long did you have to wait?
4.Were you offered an appointment so that you would not have to take time off from work?
5.Was the receptionist friendly and helpful?
6.Was the person you saw helpful and courteous?
7.If a call was needed to be returned to you, was it returned by the end of the next business day?
8.Do our regular office hours meet your needs?
9.How satisfied were you with the customer service you received?

10.Did you look at any of the information displayed in the lobby?
11.If you looked at any information displayed in the lobby was it helpful to you?
If not, what would be helpful?

12.Please rate your overall impression of our lobby with 1 being the least favorable and 5 being the most favorable:

13.Did the staff respond to your request and follow up with you in a timely manner?
14.If yes, the staff responded to your request and followed up with you in a timely manner, what was helpful to you?
15.What could we have done to make your visit better?  If you would like a personal response to your comment please provide your name and phone number (optional).

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