Essex County Virginia

Three Rivers in Pandemic Surge

Posted on 09/28/2020

Pandemic surges in the Middle Peninsula and Essex County. Our area has been experiencing increased new case numbers across the Middle Peninsula over the past couple of weeks, while the rest of Virginia has improved. 


COVID-19 appears to be wide viral spread through individual person-person contact throughout our jurisdictions, mostly in settings that cannot be regulated. There are increasing numbers of outbreaks, which are also indicators of enhanced community spread. These can contribute large numbers of cases in localities, especially if they occur in congregate settings with large numbers of people involved.  Viral spread at these levels pose a particular threat to vulnerable facilities, populations, and our schools.


A substantial portion of our population continuing to pursue close social contact with others without observing pandemic precautions such as social distancing and masking. If you feel you have been exposed, please quarantine yourself and household, and get tested. Free drive-thru testing is available. Click for more information: 


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