Essex County Virginia

Personal Property


EFFECTIVE 2016:​ ​ Personal Property Forms will now only be mailed to businesses, farms and owners of airplanes located in Essex County and owners of mobile homes that are assessed as personal property.  These forms will need to be signed and returned by the due date to avoid the late filing penalty.   

If you have a change to report such as: selling, trading, or junking a vehicle, or if you have moved please notify DMV within the next business day. If you have sold, destroyed, or abandoned your boat, and/or motor please notify Game and Inland Fisheries within the next business day.  You will need to contact our office so we can update or records or you may complete the Personal Property Change Form (link below) and mail or fax to our office. 

Section 46.2-604 of the Virginia Code provides that a vehicle owner is to notify the Department of Motor Vehicles when a vehicle is traded, sold or is otherwise disposed of or the owner has an address change.

Sections 29.1-708, 709 of the Virginia Code provides that a boat owner is to notify the Department of Game and Inland Fisheries when a boat and/or motor is transferred, destroyed, or abandoned, or the owner has an address change. 

***Remember, Essex County is a non-prorating county. We tax based on what you own January 1 of the current tax year.***


Effective 2016: Essex County will convert its personal property from annual billing to semiannual billing. This means that you will receive two billing statements with the first half due June 5th and the second half due December 5th.